A classical 100

Recently, while looking for something to read at a train station in Paris, I picked “Les Chemins de l’essentiel”, penned by Jacques Attali, whom some of you may remember from the European political scene 3 decades ago.  The book is essentially a series of lists, relatively highbrow recommendations ranging from novels through music and films to visual arts.  The musical list was intriguing for me because the author almost exclusively focuses on European ‘classical’ tradition.  For several decades, my taste in music stomped around a different ground – experimental, avantgarde, all sorts of wackiness.  But Attali’s list inspired me to review my childhood memories and more.

For the rest of this year, I will provide here one classical music recommendation per day.  By ‘classical’ I mean the European tradition (though some non-European artists will be included as well).  The pieces will be ranked, from the 100th to the 1st.  Historically, the cut-off date will be 1950s.  Boldly experimental or avantgarde pieces that predate this cut-off will be excluded.  There is different time and place for them.

Since we are all busy, at each entry I will state first what the time commitment is.  Luckily, most pieces are several minute-short.  The longer ones can be left for weekends.  I will offer a relevant Youtube link to the music, another link to the source of information about the piece as well as a poetic excerpt, which I selected for each piece, purely by free association, from world-famous wordsmiths.


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