Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: “1st Concerto for Piano in Bb minor”




The concerto is excruciatingly predictable in the way orchestral pathos relaunches keyboard’s sprightly, sizzling extravanganzas.  And yet, the proceeding is so effective!  The lighter passages feel as if they were lifted from Tchaikovsky’s floating ballets, while the ‘heavier’ moments act as metaphors of the composer’s sombre fatalism.

The material shown here is by Geneva’s venerable orchestra, starring Marta Argerich, but this is but a substitute for the eminent von Karajan & Kissin version, with three generations that separated them at the time of the recording.  Alas, Berliner Philharmoniker have taken an axe to their Youtube archives and it is gone, for now.







O who can ever praise enough

The World of his belief?

Harum-scarum childhood plays

In the meadows near his home

In his woods Love knows no wrong

Travelers ride their placid ways

In the cool shade of the tomb

Age’s trusting footfalls ring

O Who can paint the vivid tree

And grass of phantasy?


W.H.Auden: “Poem” (1937)

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